The AVANTIS Energy Group is focusing on the renewable energy wind power. The group comprises branches from Europe, Asia, Australia and the U.S.A. with South America. AVANTIS has kept a low profile while concentrating on developing new technologies for the wind industry. After some years of research and testing, this stage has been completed, and the gearless wind turbine generators (WTG) of the model AV 928 – 2.5 MW are manufactured in serial production. The AV 1010 – 2.3 MW will follow after testing the prototype.

Modern Technology

AVANTIS is in the forefront of modern technology. The AVANTIS family of wind turbine generators features extremely effective permanent magnet generators, the core of the direct drive turbines. One of the biggest problems for reaching very high availability rates has been removed. The carefully chosen components of the turbines all come from the first-rated manufacturers in the field.

The AVANTIS Energy Group serves the growing wind power industry with high quality, effective products and modern engineering. The goal is: To make the most modern technology available to all regions of this planet, in order to generate cleaner and greener energies and contribute to the survival of this beautiful planet and all its inhabitants.

Growth And Partnership

AVANTIS wants to achieve this goal by establishing partnerships and co-operations wherever it makes good sense. Downstream, we co-operate with many other well-known developers, research institutes and universities; upstream, we form alliances with strong industrial groups, utilities, planners and financing partners. This enables us to bring new technologies where they are needed most: everywhere.

AVANTIS has been formed by professionals who had all been active all over the wind business and also in making and selling wind turbine generators and their components, as well as from research and top level management. Together, we can achieve the goal to supply modern technology to the world; but more expertise and more experts will always be needed. AVANTIS can supply modern and effective technology to increase the value of the operator and investor of the wind farm. That will empower them to contribute more for renewable energies.