The Concept
The AVANTIS product family is a unique and patented family of wind turbine generators that are constructed modularly, allowing us to use the same building blocks to build a very flexible system of wind turbines for different wind regimes. With its unique drive train design, different generator sizes can easily be accommodated, without adding any further mechanical stress to the components. Many components stay the same within the full range, allowing fewer components in stock and therefore lower costs for the customer.

With a slightly modified generator and larger blades (49 m), the AV 1010 - 2.3 MW is a class III turbine; the AV 928 - 2.5 MW turbine for class II, with a medium-sized generator and 45 m blades; while its big sister AV 927 - 3.0 MW with a slightly elongated generator, making it suitable IEC wind class I.

For all components, we use state-of-the-art technology and components. Our generators and frequency converters are from top-class manufacturers and water cooled, giving higher efficiency and better reliability. The transformer in the nacelle is also isolated, making the whole nacelle hermetically sealed.

Most of the components are located in the nacelle, including the IGBT frequency converter and the transformer. The small MV switchgear and the control cabinets can be placed in the tower bottom, but also on the "first floor", the first platform of the tower. That makes the turbine suitable for critical sites (climate, coastline) and also for near- and later on deep-water offshore sites, with the addition of corrosion protection systems and suitable foundations.

Another important design feature of the AVANTIS family of turbines is the ability to withstand winds that exceed the range of the standard IEC description. For instance, the blades of the AV 928 – 2.5 MW, type AB 92, and the nacelle of the turbine can withstand storm loads typical for typhoons.
Systems for larger capacities, in the range of 6-10 MW, are still on the drawing board, using the same philosophy.

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