IV. ABB Converter and Control System

ABB - The Converter and Control System

With the use of IGBT for the converter system, generating costs can again be reduced. Sitting very close to the control system and the transformer, close to the center of the nacelle, this reduces the electrical losses in the system strongly and leads to higher levels of safety.

The multi-pole AC - DC - AC converter also enables the members of the AVANTIS product family to react to changing wind conditions superbly and achieve optimum power out of partial load conditions. Being a water-cooled system without outside air accessing the system, the converters are highly reliable and very robust in their use.

The system can also provide reactive current to the network and participate in modern network management instead of shutting off in case of network overload or similar problems, enabling a safer power supply and more benefits for the turbine owner.

The converter system, the pitch and yaw motors all come from the same supplier, making sure all systems work together in perfect fashion, maximizing online operating time while responding optimally to the demands of the network.