II. AVANTIS Blade Design

For the AVANTIS product family and its blades from 45 m to 49 m, AVANTIS has designed its own blades, in co-operation with the Berlin based design company WINDnovation. The blades are optimized for safety and long life, but still have CP values near 50 %. They are also proprietary blades which are otherwise not available on the market.

The blades are optimized for low mechanical loads while giving substantially high torques and power output. The blades are also designed to withstand higher wind pressure than just the rated ones, for instance the AB 92 of the AV 928 – 2.5 MW, which is an IEC class IIa type turbine from its design, allow the system to withstand the storm loads of a typhoon which are rather in the area of the IEC wind class Ia (up to 70 m/s turbulent wind).

The blades are made of a glassfibre and epoxy resin compound. We are not using polyester and avoid to use carbon fibres. All blades have full lightning protection features and are constantly supervised.

All blades used in the AVANTIS turbine family have the same root section, which allows for the use of the same hub and spinner.